Communications Analysis and Design

Rock Systems has experience with the design and development of communication systems. We can perform link analysis, receiver analysis, and transmitter analysis. This includes determination of cascaded noise figure, gain and power compression, intermodulation performance, reliability, thermal performance, and power budgets.

Design experience includes an all-digital BPSK demodulator that supports NRZ-L and Bi-Phase-L modulation. Subcarrier phase lock, Bi-Phase-L ambiguity resolution, and frame synchronization are all performed using digital processing techniques.

As part of an SBIR, an all-digital transponder was developed compatible with the STDN and SGLS waveform standards, used by NASA and the military for space applications.

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Transponder - All Digital Transmitter/Receiver
ERPCL Digital Demodulator - All Digital BPSK Demodulator