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Rock Systems LLC was formed to provide high-technology solutions to a variety of engineering needs. Whether you are looking for electronic design consulting or a supplier for a finished product, we can support your requirements. With over 30 years of in-house electrical engineering and mechanical design expertise, Rock Systems can provide a full solution to almost all design needs.

Rock Systems LLC is located in Durango, Colorado, at the foothills of the San Juan mountains. While Durango is known as a popular tourist destination, it provides a quality of life unparalleled in the West. Although somewhat isolated from major metropolitan areas, it is a perfect place for your next design review!

Design and Management Team

Durango, Colorado
Contact Information :
Rock Systems LLC
107 W. 19th. St. #2
Durango, CO 81301
970-385-2616 (voice)
970-385-2617 (fax)
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