2.2 - 2.3 GHz Linear Phase Modulator / Power Amplifier
LPM-SSPA pdf Datasheet

* P1dB: > +35 dBm

* Saturated Output Power: ³ 5 Watts

* Efficiency: 32%

* Gain: 37 dB typ.

* Linear Phase Tuning Range: > 220°

* Operating Temperature: +24°C to +61C.

* Single Supply Operation


The LPM/SSPA supports two functions in one hermetically sealed unit: 1) linear phase modulation; and 2) solid-state power amplification. It was originally designed to support SGLS and STDN waveform standard applications.

Class-AB operation maximizes PAE performance. Special compensation circuitry maintains good RF performance over a wide operating temperature range. Internal bias circuitry eliminates the need for multiple supplies and external supply sequencing.