pdfGaAs Reliability Handbook

Rock Systems has experience with reliability testing of semiconductor devices, particularly with regard to RF and microwave power amplifiers. Experience includes the development of an automated reliability test set designed to ascertain the failure rates of devices using accelerated temperature stress testing.

The principles at Rock Systems have been closely involved in the microwave reliability field for years. For more information regarding GaAs device reliability, download the GaAs Reliability Handbook , developed and distributed by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Reliability prediction is also an area of expertise. Hybrid microwave assemblies often have a variety of components; such as MMICs, low-frequency die, bond wires, bias circuitry, etc... as part of their construction. Often it is desirable to predict the reliability of a device using standard models, such as MIL-HDBK 217. Rock Systems has developed in-house software to quickly and accurately roll-up a predicted failure for hybrid assemblies.

While at Shason Microwave and under a NASA JSC SBIR program, the principles at Rock Systems developed a test set designed to automatically stimulate and monitor RF and microwave devices, such as power amplifiers, MMICs, etc... The test set supports user-specified DC and RF stimulus. The designs provide dual DC supplies per device under test (DUT), bias sequencing, a variety of DC source modes, variable frequency control, adjustable RF power levels, and individual DUT thermal control in ovenized fixtures.  A complete line of tests sets are marketed through Accel-RF Corporation .

A complex software control program, written as a Visual Basic application running under Windows 2000, was developed to support test set control. This GUI supports calibration, special testing (such as gain compression), data analysis, and a full-featured monitoring utility. The principles of Rock Systems designed every aspect of the complex system, including the writing of all software.

Custom test set design for complex system integration and control are core competencies of Rock Systems.